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June 15, 2011

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Sandra Joe
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Alachisoft participated in TechEd 2011 North America (16th-19th May Atlanta)

San Ramon, California - June 15, 2011 - Alachisoft, leading company in the field of distributed caching and manufacturer of NCache and StorageEdge recently participated in TechEd 2011 North America. The event was a success. It was held at Atlanta from May 16th - 19th 2011.

NCache also got nominated for "The Best of TechEd 2011" in the category of software development.

As always, Microsoft goes big for the tradeshows. This is where they introduce their new upcoming products as well as enhancements and upgrades to the existing ones. Alachisoft exhibited at Tech Ed 2011 North America on booth #1827.

In the first couple of TechEds, the most recurrent question we use to hear was 'what is distributed caching and how it is different than stand alone ASP.NET cache that comes with .NET?' At that time our focus was on educating people about distributed caching and how it can improve application performance and scalability. Now the trend has changed and the new question is "how NCache is better than AppFabric?" to which we simply respond by saying that "NCache is a much advanced and mature product than App fabric".

One really important aspect of attending the Tech Ed 2011 was to explore more of what is going on in the field of distributed caching.

Overall it's a very positive experience. This helps us build confidence in our customers who see us there every year and projects our growing influence and strategic place among up and coming companies.

Iqbal Khan, President & Technology Evangelist at Alachisoft, has termed this year's Microsoft TechEd 2011 in Atlanta as a major success for Alachisoft.

'Not only were we able to reaffirm the significant market share of NCache in Distributed caching arena but also had raving reviews of our SharePoint storage optimization product ,StorageEdge. Many visitors to our booth marveled at the feature rich StorageEdge and how it improved the storage problems and lack-luster performance of SharePoint. Building on this positive momentum, we will continue to deliver cutting edge technological improvements for NCache and StorageEdge'

About Alachisoft

Alachisoft, a Florida based company, designs, develops, and markets NCache and StorageEdge. NCache, a clustered object and session cache for .NET and Java, allows customers to boost performance of their applications by as much as 10 times. StorageEdge boosts SharePoint by optimizing its BLOB storage, reducing load on the content database, and caching lists and BLOBs. Visit our website at or send us an email at

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