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June 11, 2008

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NCache Stays Superior to Microsoft Distributed Caching Project Code - Named "Velocity"

San Ramon, California - June 11th, 2008 - Alachisoft the market leader in providing Caching solution for .NET application has once again proved to be at the top. Alachisoft is the only company providing "Distributed In-Memory Object Cache". So far there is no other company in the industry that has provided such powerful solution for .NET applications to enhance the performance applications. Our leading customers for NCache are from Airlines Industries, Financial Sector, Health Services, Government Agencies and Merchant Services. Some of the key customers are Citi Group, Ryan Air, National Geographic, and Ohio Insurance (a government organization) etc. Recently Alachisoft released the NCache Express a FREE version for its customers with most of the features of NCache Enterprise in it.

At TechEd this week in Orlando, Microsoft announced its new product with project code - named "Velocity" a Caching application to boost the performance of .NET applications. This announcement has made the competition tougher than what it was till the last month as there were only few companies in the market. Alachisoft has already been leading the market through NCache's strong features and is constantly working on innovative ideas to make this solution stay as a market leader. With the introduction of "Velocity" it has become obvious that organizations do need such solutions that Alachisoft has already innovated few years back.

NCache is a highly Scalable and Reliable Distributed Caching solution for your .NET applications with 100% uptime. NCache is the only Caching application that provides Session Cache, Object Cache and Output Cache (for ASP.NET pages). No other company provides such solution that has all these features at the same time. Due to In-Memory Session Cache, NCache has much faster access. The Distributed ASP .NET Sessions are more Scaleable than State Server and SQL Server Storage.

NCache has several features that were not released in previous versions till the release of NCache 3.2. The benefit of using NCache is that it can seamlessly integrate with Caching Application Block (CAB) and with NHibernate. Built on the distributed caching core, this module provides an extremely scalable ASP.NET Session State storage for apps running in a server farm with a load balancer.

  • Remove session storage bottlenecks and scale up ASP.NET
  • Faster & more scalable than StateServer & SQLServer
  • Highly reliable thru session replication
  • Software appliance (No code change required)

"NCache has several other features that are neither available in CTP1 release of Microsoft project code - named "Velocity" nor with any other solution provided by other companies, including Object Caching and certain topologies provided in NCache 3.2 or in the upcoming release NCache 3.4" said Iqbal Khan, President & Technology Evangelist at Alachisoft.

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