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November 2, 2010

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NCache 3.8 SP3 released with separate Java and .NET editions

San Ramon, California - November 2, 2010 - Alachisoft is pleased to announce the immediate release of NCache 3.8 with the introduction of two separate editions "NCache for Java" and "NCache for .NET". This shows that Alachisoft is equally committed towards both the market leading platforms .NET and Java.

In this release, the NCache Java API has become 100% compatible with .NET Client API allowing Java Apps to benefit from all the rich features that were previously available for .NET clients only. NCache for Java remote clients are supported on both Unix and Windows platforms. JSP Servlet applications can also store and retrieve sessions in NCache without any code change.

NCache has added streaming support in the Java API which allows applications to read or write large binary data streams, in smaller chunks, in NCache distributed caching. NCache has implemented a CacheStream which is derived from the standard Java Stream classes and provides major functionality of streaming in NCache. The database dependency feature is also made available in Java Client API so that Java applications can also benefit from the cache synchronization feature. Now the Java applications can register database dependencies and can keep the cache synchronized automatically with the database changes. This feature is supported for all database types like SQL Server 2005 and above, Oracle, DB2, and any OLEDB compliant database.

"NCache has already benefited a large number of clients by speeding up their .NET applications but in real enterprise applications Java and .NET both runs side by side and both want to benefit from the distributed caching. Customers have shown lot of interest in our Java client support for NCache which triggered us to have separate editions for both platforms. With the introduction of Java as a separate edition, NCache has become a more powerful distributed caching solution for both .NET and Java." said Iqbal Khan, President & Technology Evangelist at Alachisoft.

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