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November 6th, 2008

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Josh Hamid 
Director Marketing
US: +1 (214) 764-6933

Alachisoft Participates in Tech Ed EMEA

San Ramon, California - November 6, 2008 - After the resounding success of Tech Ed USA, Alachisoft participated at Tech Ed Europe which was held at Barcelona, Spain from Nov 7 to Nov 11, 2008. Our technical and sales personnel showcased the latest release of its premier caching solution, NCache 3.4, which included brand new features and architectural improvements to boost performance and scalability. The company also had a chance to discuss future trends and alliances with major software manufacturers and vendors and discussed mergers that would help materialize a global following.

The company's technical staff had many fruitful dialogues with various code generation and caching solution providers opening up new directions for the company as well as forming an opportunity to build business relationships with potential clients. According to the President, "Various people in different companies were contacted and new ways to improve our product, give support for various third party applications and enhancing clientele were discovered."

This Tradeshow appearance would go a long way in improving the company outlook and determining the future direction of the company.

About Alachisoft

Alachisoft, a Florida based company, designs, develops, and markets NCache and TierDeveloper for .NET. NCache, a clustered object cache for .NET, allows customers to boost performance of their applications by as much as 10 times. TierDeveloper, an object to relational (O/R) mapping code generator for .NET, cuts down development time by 50%. Visit our website at or send us an email at

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