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September 15, 2011

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NCache 4.1 has been released: Run Time Data sharing between .NET and Java

San Ramon, California - September 15, 2011 - Alachisoft, the pioneer of distributed caching solution now proudly announces NCache 4.1 with many new exciting high quality features and some major enhancements.

This new release gives you a whole package for Run Time Data Sharing between multiple platforms (java & .Net) and it contains object level sharing , version based sharing, asynchronous data sharing (event based) and online data sharing across the WAN.

Previously Object sharing between .net and java was slow and cumbersome due to XML serialization with the involvement of database but now Run Time Data sharing has made it trouble-free and faster because it uses binary serialization rather than typical XML serialization without involving database.

NCache 4.1 provides Continuous query that synchronizes cache and application with each other. It lets you register against a query, which means application can ask for notifications whenever a record (data-set) is updated\modified, added or deleted (if you have registered for). The need of this synchronization becomes essential where multiple applications (especially of different platforms) access the same cache and can perform any operations (like addition, deletion and modification) which can affect other application's result as well. This is real time sharing and faster because it doesn't involve database.

Another useful feature that NCache has enhanced in 4.1 is "bridge topology". Bridge topology creates bridge node(s) where complete cache is replicated asynchronously over the WAN. NCache now introduces various bridge topologies for disaster recovery, run time and online data sharing across the WAN:

  • Active/Passive
  • Active/Active
  • Hub-Spoke
  • Star

These topologies allow application to scale-up up to the multiple regions through WAN without any extra coding and performance loss.

Please download your copy of NCache 4.1.

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