How to Use Caching with Azure Cosmos DB

Recorded webinar
By Ron Hussain and Sam Awan

Azure Cosmos DB is a globally distributed multi-model cloud-based NoSQL database service. It is a very popular NoSQL database service for high transaction applications because of its simplicity of deployment and the strong SLAs by Microsoft.

You can further scale up CosmosDB with NCache. NCache being in-memory means it is super fast. And, NCache being distributed means it can scale linearly. Also, NCache sits much closer to your application and hence is much faster to access. Learn how to incorporate distributed caching into your Azure Cosmos DB application by using NCache.

In this webinar learn how to improve your Azure CosmosDB performance with NCache.

This webinar covers:

  • Introduction to Azure Cosmos DB and its common operations
  • Caching of CRUD data in Azure Cosmos DB application using NCache
  • Handle Caching of Collections
  • Managing Cache Synchronization with Azure Cosmos DB
  • Hands-on Examples and demonstrations throughout

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