Scaling ASP.NET SignalR Apps with Distributed Cache

ASP.NET SignalR is an open source library for web developers that is being used very commonly these days to add real-time web functionality to applications. You can use ASP.NET SignalR to push content from the server side to all the connected clients as soon as information gets available.

SignalR helps simplify the development efforts needed for adding real-time web functionality to your application. Some common applications that can use SignalR are chat systems, Internet of Things (IoT), gaming applications, Airline Booking Systems, Stock Exchange applications and many more.

The problem with SignalR is that it is not scalable by default. And, in order to create a web farm, Microsoft provides the option of using a SignalR backplane that can be generally defined as a central message store and to which all the web servers are connected simultaneously. SignalR messages are broadcasted to all the connected end-clients through the backplane.

Typically, SignalR backplane is a relational database which is slow and not scalable to handle extreme messaging load which is core requirement for high traffic real time web applications. SignalR backplane also needs to be very reliable and highly available so that you have hundred percent uptime on the application end.

In this webinar you see how NCache SignalR backplane is a better option in comparison to traditional options for deploying and scaling your real-time ASP.NET SignalR web applications with backplane. We demonstrate how NCache can be used as your SignalR backplane without requiring any major coding. Our Senior Solutions Architect covers:

  • - Introduction to ASP.NET SignalR and its common use cases
  • - Issues with scaling SignalR apps and with traditional backplane options
  • - Why NCache Backplane is better option in comparison
  • - Using NCache as Backplane for your ASP.NET applications
  • - NCache Nuget packages for SignalR backplane
  • - Create, deploy and run SignalR apps using NCache backplane

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