Brad is proficient in a number of technologies including .NET, Java, C++, Python, and JavaScript and has leveraged this knowledge in applying software design to simulate Engineering solutions during his career. Brad has many years of energy industry experience delivering time-critical solutions and quality assurance activities in conjunction with customer representatives.


Scaling .NET Microservices Communications with In-Memory Pub/Sub

There has been a paradigm shift in the software industry lately where the microservice architecture is now replacing the general monolithic application architecture for server apps. The concept of a set of loosely coupled, independent, lightweight modules with each module representing a single functionality and running in their own processes has been selling like hotcakes…


How to Stop a Node for Maintenance without State Transfer?

In this era of fast and reliable application processing, everybody is opting for distributed caching to get the best performance out of their applications. If your .NET application attracts high traffic resulting in a very high number of transactions, then you definitely need NCache. NCache provides fast, linearly scalable distributed caches to your .NET applications.…