Brad is proficient in a number of technologies including .NET, Java, C++, Python, and JavaScript and has leveraged this knowledge in applying software design to simulate Engineering solutions during his career. Brad has many years of energy industry experience delivering time-critical solutions and quality assurance activities in conjunction with customer representatives.

Migrating Redis to NCache

Migrating Smoothly from Redis to NCache

NCache, a distributed, linearly scalable and fast in-memory key-value store allows the caching of objects to reduce database trips and easily scale higher loads. Similarly, Redis is also a distributed caching solution but lacks key features like SQL & LINQ Support,  Client Cache (InProc) and Peer-to-Peer Clustering etc. For .NET Redis client applications, NCache provides…


Using NCache as IdentityServer4 Cache and Data Store

The multi-tier applications involve communications at different levels. For instance, browser communicating with the web APIs and web APIs communicating with other web APIs on the behalf of the users and so on. To enable secure communication, authentication and authorization protocols might require additional handling. It is hardly maintainable since any change in the API…

Scaling Blazor Apps with NCache

Scaling Blazor Apps with NCache as SignalR Backplane

Blazor is being adopted rapidly by organizations looking to create interactive Web UIs with .NET. It allows you to create the applications using C# instead of undergoing the hassle of JavaScript and all your server-side and client-side logic is consolidated in the .NET space. Blazor uses the ASP.NET Core SignalR implementation for messaging between client…