Sajid is Product QA Architect for NCache. His current role sees him focusing on the design and implementation of QA frameworks. In addition to this role, he is focused on delivering product training across the company. In summary, Sajid is a well-balanced professional with a wealth of technical experience and over time has built up an extensive knowledge.

NCache Distributed Cluster for High Availability & Scalability

NCache Distributed Cluster for High Availability & Scalability

One common nightmare among developers and software architects is your sole web-server/data source crashing while thousands of your connected clients, applications, and your precious data are lost. Introducing a distributed, load-balanced caching layer such as NCache can make your application tier very scalable and highly available since you can add more servers as your transaction…

Basic CRUD Operations in NCache

Basic CRUD Operations in NCache – As Easy as ABC

Distributed caches, generally, are key-value stores that allow basic get, put and delete operations to store, retrieve, and update cached data. These key-based operations aka CRUD (Create, Remove, Update, Delete) or Basic Operations are what make your cache easy to use, extremely fast, and scalable. Let’s say that I have an e-commerce application that requires…

Deploying NCache in Azure Kubernetes

Deploying NCache in Azure Kubernetes Service

The development, deployment, management of applications has become easier with the introduction of containerization, which is why cloud deployment is gaining increasing popularity. Azure, being the best in the business, provides the fastest and easiest to use Kubernetes deployment in the form of Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). To improve application’s performance in Azure Kubernetes environment,…