President and Technology Evangelist Iqbal Khan co-founded Alachisoft to provide world class performance and scalability solutions. Thanks to our customers, Alachisoft achieved its goal with NCache, the .NET caching market leader for 13 years running. Iqbal's Master's of Computer Science from Indiana University, 25+ years of experience in software architecture, design and development, and hands-on business experience make him a great resource internally and in the Developer Community. He is a frequent speaker at industry events including DevWeek London, TechDays France, VSLive! Shows etc. plus you can find him at local .NET Code Camps and Meetups. He has written for MSDN magazine, CodeProject and Visual Studio Magazine.


Diving Deeper into Encryption in NCache

If you are using an in-memory distributed cache and your application contains private and sensitive data that you want to secure, you need to ensure that your distributed cache prevents this sensitive data from unauthorized access through encryption. NCache provides a rich set of industry-standard encryption algorithms that are nearly impossible to break. This ensures…

Deploy NCache in Azure

Using Infrastructure as Code to Deploy NCache in Azure

Gone are the days when one of your servers crashed and you had to reconfigure it from the ground up. This would include a tedious, manual process from inspecting hardware malfunctions to software glitches. Now, organizations have adopted on-prem scripting tools to automate tasks and shifted the provisioning of IT infrastructure to cloud. However, this…