Ron is a Solution Architect at Alachisoft. He has a passion for solving customer problems and oversees all solution design efforts at Alachisoft for NCache, NosDB & TayzGrid.

Backup and Restore your Data with NCache

Backup and Restore your Data with NCache

Its been quite a year, 2020, but it isn’t over yet with a few days remaining. Developers and technologists have advanced themselves by making fascinating products, enhancing their features and sometimes facing critical issues regarding data loss. With an aim to achieve the best performance and scalability, they have started to use in-memory distributed caching…

Split Brain Recovery in NCache

Split-Brain Recovery in NCache: A Tale of Two Halves

Split-Brain in medicine refers to the state of communication malfunction inside the brain; where half of the brain is unaware of the other half’s behavior. Split-Brain in distributed computing refers to the communication loss between the active servers of a cluster. When this happens, all sub-clusters lose all synchronization and heartbeat connections with one another.…