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Implementing Clusters

When Implementing Clusters, you may experience some problems. This section provides solutions for some of such troubles.
In This Section
Tells how to resolve the issue when NCache service may not be able to communicate with other nodes in the cluster if you have multiple network cards installed.
Explains various causes of serialization exception.
Explains ports used by default clusters and NCache service.
Describes why your system throws out of memory exception and gives workaround.
Explains problems that arise due to disabled network card and provides solutions.
Provides the solution for the problem when both the nodes in a mirror cache appear as active nodes in NCache Manager.
Provides the solution for the problem nodes in a clustered cache are not joining with each other. Cluster is not formed and cache runs on every node as standalone cache.
See Also
Describes administration, implementation and monitoring of cluster through NCache Manager.
Provides help to troubleshoot the problems related to NCache API.
Provides help to troubleshoot the problems that may arise when using NCache security.
Provides help to view remote server statistics.
Provides quick reference for error codes, messages, and symptoms generated by NCache during installation.

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