Alachisoft NCache 4.1 - Online Documentation

Quick Start Guide for .NET

In this section, you will see quick start guides to use NCache.
    In This Section
Gives quick steps to use Session State Module.
Presents a step by step guide to use Session State Store Provider.
Lets you start quickly with Output Caching.
Instructions to setup NCache to work seamlessly with NHibernate.
Shows how you can benefit from distributed and OutProc cache of NCache with CAB.
Lets you get start with .NET 4.0 cache provider.
Lets you get start with Compact Serialization.
Shows how you can move your Velocity based app to NCache without any code change.
See Also
Describes basic steps for smooth installation, configuration and use of NCache.
Gives an overview of NCache API with code examples.
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