Alachisoft NCache 4.1 - Online Documentation

Using Data Sharing

NCache introduces this feature to support data sharing between various versions of an object either from same platform or different platforms.  To use Data Sharing with NCache Configure cache with NCache Manager and then share your data among different clients.
Perform the following steps to make classes portable:
  • Stop the Cache if it is running.
  • Click on the 'Data Sharing' tab which will open up the following screen:
  • Click on 'Add Shared Types' button. 'Select Data Sharing Classes' dialog will appear, as shown below.
  • You are required to specify Shared Type name in 'Name' field.
  • Browse for the assembly/jar which contains the class you want to share in cache. All the selected assemblies will be shown in the 'Loaded Classes' pane containing their respective classes.
  • Select the class you want to add in the selected classes list.
  • Use 'Add Class' button to add the selected classes.
  • All the selected classes will be listed in the 'List of selected Classes' pane with their Class Name, Version and Type.
  • Click 'OK' to continue.
  • All the classes in the selected 'Shared Type' will be shown here.
  • Bottom pane lists the 'Attributes Union List' and 'Selected Class Attributes' in their respective panes.
  • Class Attributes are already mapped with the Attribute Union List. This mapping is done at run time. You can see class mapping through a single click on the particular class. 
  • Here you can remap the attributes of the selected class with Attribute Union List using dropdown list.
  • You can add a new 'Shared Type' and a version to an existing Shared Type by a right click on it.
  • Shared Type configurations can be imported and exported in XML file using "Import" and "Export" button. The configurations will be saved in XML file.
By default NCache is using “Specification Version” for a given jar file. Users can change the version to “Implementation Version” from NCManager.exe.config file placed at: "%Install Directory%/NCache/ bin/IDE/NCache Manager”.

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