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Step 2: Adding Libraries

You need to add the following libraries into the lib folder of your application's WEB-INF. You can find these Java libraries at following path:
On Linux: %INSTALL_PATH%/ncache/lib/
On Windows: %INSTALL_PATH%/NCache/java/lib/
  • NCacheSessionProvider.jar (The HTTP module implementation for session caching using NCache)
  • NCActivate.jar (The NCache java client library to validate licensing information)
  • NCClient.jar (The NCache java client library that actually implements NCache communication protocol)
  • NCSerialization.jar (The NCache java client library that actually implements dynamic compact serialization and object sharing operations)
Add the following to ‘classes' folder in WEB-INF of your web application:
  • (The file containing licensing information. You can place this file under ‘classes' directory of your web application).
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