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JAVA Programmer's Guide

This section gives practical guide for programmers who want to use various features of NCache in java to develop high performance and scalable applications. It provides four different sets of features for programming with NCache. In order to use NCache API in java applications, following things are required to be done:
1. The java application must refer to the 'NCClient.jar' file. This file contains all APIs which are required to connect to the server and use cache.
2. Following files should be present in the install directory:
• NCActivate.jar
• NCClient.jar
• NCacheSessionProvider.jar (For JSP Sessions application)
• NCRuntime.jar
• NCSerialization.jar
3. The client.ncconf is read from the install directory of NCache. On Non-Windows platforms, the user must add "NCACHE_ROOT" environment variable specifying the install directory.
For example, in case of Linux, add following entry in the ".bash_profile" file:NCACHE_ROOT=<install-dir>
<install-dir> is the location where the client.ncconf is located.
For windows, client.ncconf is copied in "%INSTALL_DIR%/NCache/config/client.ncconf" and for Non-Windows, it is copied in "%INSTALL_DIR%/client.ncconf".
In This Section
Provides a practical guide for client side features.
Provides a practical guide for server side features.
Demonstrates the use and capabilities of client side JSP features.
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