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Entity Framework Caching Integration

NOTE: This feature is not available in NCache Express and Professional edition.
Entity Framework Caching Provider:
The ADO.NET Entity Framework is the way of developing a data access layer between application and database. It abstracts the relational data that is stored in a database and presents its conceptual schema to the application.
Entity Framework has implemented a public provider model which support 3rd-party databases, such as Oracle, MySQL, PostreSQL etc. Entity Framework utilize the stackable provider interface, which makes it possible to write a provider which will wrap another provider and intercept communication between Entity Framework and the original provider. NCache introduces the caching provider called EF Caching provider which acts between Entity Framework and the original provider.
The major reason behind the EF Caching provider is that EF involves retrieving of data from database. The database trip slows the application response; which can be rectified by caching the retrieved data from database to in-memory and presents it to the user from cache when queried. The caching provider acts between ADO.NET entity framework provider and the original data provider to cache the query responses. This means that the user can start caching queries just by plugging in NCache provider without changing/compiling the current code.
The caching provider can perform various functions, such as:
  • Managing connections, commands, transactions and data readers.
  • Monitoring queries and commands before they executes.
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