Java Support - NCache

Native Java Clients (UNIX/Windows)

Java Support NCache provides 100% native Java clients for both UNIX and Windows. You can use NCache from any of Java applications including Java Web Sessions, web services, Grid Computing applications, and any other server-type applications with high transactions.

NCache Java client uses the same proprietary socket-level protocol to talk to the cache server that the .NET client does. So, the performance and scalability of Java client is the same as .NET client.

Hibernate Second Level Cache

NCache Hibernate second level cache Hibernate is a free and popular object-relational mapping engine for Java that simplifies development by letting you map domain objects to your database tables. And, high traffic Java applications using Hibernate face scalability issues related to database just like all other high traffic applications.

To handle this, Hibernate provides two types of caching; First Level Cache (1st Level Cache) and Second Level Cache (2nd Level Cache). First Level Cache is built-in and tied to user's "Session Object" whereas Second Level Cache provides a pluggable architecture and is tied to "Session Factor" level (meaning at application level). This means that the cache is not affected by user sessions coming and going. You can plug-in a third party cache as Hibernate second level cache.

NCache is an extremely fast and linearly scalable in-memory distributed cache for .NET and Java applications. You can plug in NCache as Hibernate Second Level Cache.

Spring Integration

NCache Spring integration Spring is a popular Java framework that lets you simplify your application development and plug-in reusable pieces in your application. Many Java applications using Spring are also high transaction in nature. As a result, they need to use in-memory distributed cache to meet their scalability requirements.

Spring framework has a flexible architecture that allows third party in-memory distributed caches to plug-in without any code changes to your application. NCache is one such in-memory distributed cache and is extremely fast and scalable. NCache provides integration with Spring to let you store your POJO in the in-memory distributed cache and boost your application performance and scalability.

JCache Support

JCache API JCache is Java temporary cache API which specifies API and semantics for temporary, in memory caching of Java objects, including object creation, shared access, spooling, invalidation, and consistency across JVM's.

You can use NCache for object caching (meaning making API calls to NCache) or automatically store these objects in NCache in your Java applications.

Portable Data Types

prtable data type A large number of companies today have hybrid environments with Java and .NET applications running on UNIX and Windows. And, often these applications share data with each other through a common database. If these applications are high transaction in nature, they need to use an in-memory distributed cache. But, they face a limitation because many in-memory distributed caches does not allow them to share data between Java and .NET applications. As a result, a Java application stores Java objects that can only be used by other Java applications. And, .NET applications do the same.

NCache is an extremely fast and scalable in-memory distributed cache providing a powerful Java and .NET Portable Data feature. This feature allows Java and .NET applications to share data with other through an in-memory distributed cache without compromising on performance. A Java application stores a Java object (e.g. Customer) which a .NET application reads back as a .NET object (e.g. Customer).

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