What's New in NCache 5.2?

Following new features are provided in NCache 5.2.


Stronger Java Support

NCache now a much stronger Java support in the following manner:

  1. Server-side Java: NCache now allows you to write very powerful server-side code in Java including the following:
    1. Read-through
    2. Write-through, Write-Behind
    3. Cache Loader, Cache Refresher
    4. Custom Dependency
  2. Faster Java Client: major performance and scalability improvements are made to the Java client including support for pipelining. Now, Java client has exactly the same features and architecture as .NET Core client and is super-fast.
  3. Java Client (New in PRO): now Java Client is also available in Professional Edition.
  4. Java Web Sessions (New in PRO): now Java Web Sessions are also available in Professional Edition.
  5. Java Maven Projects: all of NCache API and other features are provided as Maven projects.

Stronger Linux Support

NCache has been providing Linux support for a number of years. Now, this support is made even stronger in the following manner:

  • Cache Server on Linux (.NET Core, Java)
  • Cache Clients on Linux (.NET Core, Java, Node.js)
  • Enterprise & Professional Editions on Linux: now both editions are equally available on Linux. Previously, only Enterprise Edition was on Linux.

See details in NCache Installation Guide for Linux.


Node.js Client

NCache now provides a powerful Node.js client on both Windows and Linux. This Node.js client has all of client-side API features of NCache that traditionally .NET / .NET Core and Java clients enjoyed.


Cache Refresher

NCache now provides a Cache Refresher that is extension of the Cache Loader feature but allows you to keep the cache refreshed on an on-going basis. Cache Loader is only called upon cache startup. The Cache Refresher uses the same framework as Cache Loader but provides additional methods for refreshing the cache. You can refresh a cache in the following manner:

  • Multiple datasets: refresh one or more datasets that you define by distributing them to different cache servers in the cluster for scalability.
  • Refresh on scheduled intervals: refresh on scheduled intervals based on daily time, daily interval, weekly, or monthly.
  • Config based setup: specify all refresh scheduling and datasets through a config file without making any more code changes to your application.

Pub/Sub Topic Priority and Message Ordering

NCache has enhanced its Pub/Sub capability by providing two new features.

Priority of Topic

The first is Priority of Topic. In this feature, at the time of creation of a TOPIC, one of the following priorities can be assigned to it;

  1. High
  2. Normal
  3. Low

If priority is not assigned, a TOPIC is created with ‘Normal’ priority. Messages from the higher priority TOPICs are delivered first while the messages from the lower priority TOPICs are evicted first.

Ordering of Messages

Publisher is now able to send messages with instructions to preserve the order in which they are published. Such messages are delivered to subscribers in the exact same order as they were published with.

All ordered messages are then delivered to the same subscriber in case of DeliveryOption.Any.


JSON Documents Index & Search with SQL/LINQ

For applications purely using NCache JSON API, defining the regular indexes on .NET or Java objects may not be possible because they’re caching JSON documents instead. Therefore, definition of indexes from JSON documents is now supported by NCache.

In this case, user specifies the path to a JSON file. NCache Web Manager reads the attributes in JSON file and list all JSON documents in the GUI. User can select one or more attributes of JSON documents from the list for which indexes are defined.

Query indexes from JSON document can also be created using PowerShell command.

Once JSON documents are indexed, you can then use NCache SQL/LINQ search feature to find all the JSON documents whose attributes match your search criteria.


TLS Security for Linux

TLS 1.2 support in Linux is now provided in NCache for transport level communication security between NCache server and cache clients. .NET / .NET Core, Java, and Node.js clients can all use the same security feature from both Windows and Linux.

Previously, this was only supported for Windows based cache servers.


Security with Two Domain Controllers

In some organizations, there may be more than one domain controller configured for high availability. In this case, when a primary domain controller goes down, the secondary controller automatically becomes active.

NCache now lets you configure security with both primary and secondary domain controllers so even if the primary controller goes down, NCache continues working and doing authentication of new connections.


Prometheus & Grafana based Monitoring

Prometheus is a free software application used for event monitoring and alerting. It records real-time metrics in a time series database. Grafana is a multi-platform open source analytics and interactive visualization web application. It provides charts, graphs, and alerts for the web when connected to supported data sources.

NCache now provides integration with both Prometheus and Grafana to let you monitor NCache through them and by using their powerful monitoring capabilities.


SNMP Counters for Monitoring

Just like NCache provides PerfMon counters on Windows, it now provides NCache SNMP counters on both Windows and Linux to let you monitor the cache through popular third-party tools. This enables you to monitor NCache along with your application, your database, and other aspects of your system all in one place and related problems originating from one area with other areas.


Sharing Sessions between ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core

ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core session sharing is now supported in NCache. This can be enabled from configuration settings. For sharing sessions between ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core applications, all applications must use the same custom session id generator.

This is also supported for multi-regional sessions. Session sharing is not supported if configured through IDistributedCache


Use Multiple Caches with ASP.NET Core IDistributedCache

When configured with NCache, user may want to use different caches for session caching versus data caching. NCache now provides an option to use multiple caches for different purposes in the same application ASP.NET Core IDistributedCache.


Identity Server 4 Integration

IdentityServer4 is an OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 framework for ASP.NET Core. NCache can now be used as an external store for Identity Server 4 in the following manner:

  • A caching layer on top of Identity Server 4 store
  • A persistence store for Identity Server 4

Both options require no programming or code change on your part.


Template Based Email Notifications

Users may want to change the way text and subject of email notifications they receive from NCache. All the text and subject of emails that are generated by NCache now use templates. These templates are shipped inside install directory. Users can change these templates according to their requirements and NCache uses the modified template for generating notification emails.


Custom Dependency Redesigned

Previously, Custom dependency had to be deployed through NCache API but it can now be deployed on the server side just like Read-through/Write-through providers. You can now implement Custom Dependency provider and deploy it to the cache servers just like Read-through provider. There can be one or more custom dependency providers and each will have a unique name.

When adding an item through API, user can now specify the name of custom dependency provider already configured and deployed to be called for creating this dependency.

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