Leading .NET NCache available in cloud marketplaces

This provides a superior, proven and affordable 100% .NET alternative to Azure Redis cache.

NCache is 100% native .NET and is integrated with the .NET tool stack including Visual Studio, Entity Framework and NHibernate so users do not need to turn to java-based solutions. Migration from AppFabric is easy with the free NCache AppFabric wrapper.

NCache Cloud is available as Professional edition. Professional is functionally closer to Azure Redis cache, although with more features. NCache cloud pricing is affordable, competitive and includes free client licenses and optional technical support during business hours or 24/7.


How to Use Locking in a Distributed Cache for Data Consistency?

Businesses today are developing high-traffic ASP.NET web applications that serve tens of thousands of concurrent users. Multiple clients have access to cache data in a clustered environment where application servers deploy in a load-balanced environment. In such parallel conditions, several users often try to access and modify the same data and trigger a race condition.…


How is a .NET Distributed Cache Superior to Key Value Store?

ASP.NET web applications, .NET web service applications, and other .NET server applications need to handle extreme transaction loads without slowing down. Although their application tier scales linearly, the data storage and database tier does not scale and therefore becomes a bottleneck. As a result, the entire application cannot scale. Originally, simple in-memory distributed key-value stores…

NCache Team at VSLive 2016

Thank you, Microsoft for inviting us over to VS Live 2016. Our NCache team attended VS Live 2016 under the leadership of Mr. Iqbal Khan. The event was attended by developers, software architects, engineers, and designers. The theme for this year’s event was “Give your code a voice!”. Organized by Microsoft, the event convened unbiased…