Free Trial of NCache Cloud in Azure / AWS

NCache Cloud provides a fully working 60-Day trial in Azure / AWS marketplaces that is totally free for evaluation purposes. You only pay for the underlying infrastructure like cache server VMs etc. and nothing for NCache Cloud licenses. This trial can be extended upon request for up to 180 days (6 months).

How to Use Free 60-Day Trial of NCache Cloud (Fully Working)?

Here are some highlights of this free trial of NCache Cloud:

  • Fully Working Trial: during Trial, NCache Cloud is fully working. This means you can deploy it in any size you want, test all of its features, and test for performance and scalability wish without any impediments.
  • Deploys in Your Environment: NCache Cloud deploys in your own cloud subscription and inside your own VNET / environment. This brings the cache very close to your application for faster performance and better control by your own team that results in higher security.
  • Automatic Deployment (quick and easy): NCache Cloud Portal lets you deploy NCache quickly and seamlessly. It uses Azure / AWS authentication for your cloud subscription provided by you to access your cloud subscription. It then provisions NCache Enterprise Software VMs from the cloud marketplace on your behalf based on your VM preferences. It then automatically deploys these cache servers to your cloud environment and VNET based on your selection. And, in matter of minutes you have a fully working NCache Cloud available to evaluate.
  • Manual Deployment (more flexibility & security): You can choose to manually deploy NCache Cloud to your environment. This gives you more flexibility of how you want to deploy through your own deployment scripts etc. It also provides more security since NCache Cloud Portal itself never deploys anything to your subscription. Instead, it gives you a trial key and you can go and activate NCache Enterprise Software from Azure / AWS marketplaces within your cloud subscription on VMs of your choice.
  • Register at NCache Cloud Portal: to get a Free Trial key. Then, you can use this trial key to activate all your NCache server VMs either through automatic deployment or manual deployment.
  • Trial Extension up to 180-days: if you’re evaluating NCache for purchase or upgrade and want to extend your free trial, just contact NCache sales team and obtain a 60-Day extension key. You can extend your trial either through NCache Cloud Portal if you’ve chosen automatic deployment or manually on each NCache server VM.
  • Free Tech Support during Trial: during your free trial, our world-class technical support team is available to provide any technical help to you about your evaluation. They can answer your technical questions, give you hands-on demo on various features, and provide architectural guidance on best ways to use and deploy NCache for your application.

During the free Trial Period, NCache Cloud is fully functional. And, you’re also able to get free technical support from our world-class Technical Support team. Just contact our support team if you have any technical questions.

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