Subscription or Perpetual for NCache Cloud

You can purchase NCache Cloud as Annual Subscription or as Perpetual Licenses. In case of Annual Subscription, regular support and maintenance is included in the price; whereas, with Perpetual Licenses, you must buy annual support and maintenance separately. On the other hand, Perpetual Licenses means you can permanently own these licenses.

Here is how you do it:

  1. Buy Baseline Licenses (Subscription or Perpetual): purchase this as your baseline configuration that you need. You buy the following based on your capacity planning that you should discuss with our world-class tech support team:
    1. Server-only Cache Servers: ENT-128, ENT-64, ENT-32, ENT-16, ENT-8, and ENT-4 server-only plans are provided. And, based on your requirement of how many servers of which plan, a number of server-only licenses is calculated which you buy.
    2. Regular Cache Servers (clients are licensed): based on your requirement, a number of regular cache server licenses is calculated which you buy.
    3. Cache Clients: in case you’ve purchased Regular Cache Servers, you may need to purchase Cache Client licenses as well. Based on your requirement of how many NCache clients, a number of client licenses is calculated which you buy.
  2. Annual Support: Annual regular support and maintenance gives you phone and email support during regular office hours and free upgrades to new versions or service packs.
    1. Annual Subscription (support included in the price): Annual Subscription price includes regular support and maintenance.
    2. Perpetual Licenses (buy separately): you must purchase annual support and maintenance separately with perpetual licenses.
  3. Buy 24x7 Support: Both Annual Subscription and Perpetual Licenses allow you to purchase 24x7 support for NCache Enterprise. This support is charged on all licenses you’ve purchased. And, if you buy extra licenses later, you must pay 24x7 support charges on them as well.
  4. Buy Extra Licenses Later: later you can purchase extra server-only cache servers, regular cache servers, or cache clients as following:
    1. Annual Subscription (Buy more on Pro-rated Half-Month Basis): purchase on a pro-rated half-monthly basis but until the end of your Annual Subscription period. And, pay the same price as the current Annual Subscription.
    2. Perpetual Licenses + Support (Buy More): purchase more perpetual licenses based on the current NCache prices. And, you must also purchase annual support & maintenance on a pro-rated basis until the end of your annual support period.
    3. 24x7 Support: you must pay this on all extra licenses purchased later if you originally added this to your purchase.
  5. Renew Annual Subscription (increase/decrease): at the end of your Annual Subscription period, you can easily renew your subscription and 24x7 support for another 1-Year period. At this time, you can choose to increase or decrease the number of licenses or keep them the same. You can also choose to add 24x7 Support if not purchased already or cancel it if you already have it.
  6. Renew Annual Support with Perpetual Licenses: at the end of your Annual Support period, you can easily renew your Annual Support & Maintenance and also 24x7 support (if purchased) for all perpetual licenses that you own. You can also discontinue 24x7 support if you wish at this time.

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