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Rapidly Generate .NET Applications with O/R Mapping

Develop complex object oriented applications in 50% less time with TierDeveloper. Generate Code without compromising on quality. TierDeveloper is an object to relational mapping (O/R mapping) code generation tool that lets you map and generate well designed .NET business and data objects. TierDeveloper also generates custom ASP.NET and Windows Forms apps.

Tier Developer fulfills all your .NET Code Generation needs in one package. The leading NET Code Generation and Object Relational Mapping tool was recently declared to be entirely free software. TierDeveloper can generate code in VB.NET and C# for ASP.NET, Windows Forms, Remoting and Web services. It is the only .NET Code Generator that lets you work with its powerful code generation templates in the simplest manner possible. Generate code for SQL Server, MS Access, DB2, Oracle, and OLEDB compliant databases.

Since TierDeveloper 6.1 is FREE software, no phone or email support is provided for it. Please download and use TierDeveloper "as-is".

.NET Code Generator For Creating Business and Data Objects

  • Map objects and embed SQL, stored procedure calls, and business rules
  • Generate .NET components in C# and VB.NET with a clean design
  • Customizable code generator with powerful Template IDE
  • Integrates with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 & 2005
  • Do round trip development without losing any of your code changes

Generate Powerful ASP.NET & Windows Forms Applications

  • Generate fully working custom database apps for real-life use
  • Code Generator for ASP.NET, Windows Forms, and .NET Remoting client
  • Customize GUI layout. Use combo-boxes and more

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TierDeveloper Features Highlights 
Object Mapping Features
Filtered object inheritance (New)
Map stored procedures to objects (New)
Single-table, multi-table, and view mapping
Identity, sequence, and trigger generated field values
Ajax Support (New)
Formula Fields
Read-only fields, required fields and field validation
Query Timeout (New)
Object naming convention
1-1, n-1, 1-n, and m-n relationships
Object Inheritance
Parent/child relationship & life-cycle mgmt
Static and dynamic object queries
Stored procedure calls
Custom load, insert, and update operations
Bulk update and delete methods
Map objects to multiple databases in one project
Map objects to existing db (forward mapping)
Map db to existing objects (reverse mapping)
Import existing domain objects .NET Assembly for mapping to db
Import / Export object mapping to XML
App GUI Designer Features (ASP .NET & Windows Forms)
App GUI Wizard (New)
Forms Designer (New)
List Pages Designer (New)
Ad Hoc Search Pages Designer (New)
Menu Designer (New)
Round-trip Development Features
Intelligently synchronize db schema changes with object mapping
Custom hooks (safe from code re-generation)
Partial classes for custom code (safe from code re-generation)
Integrated SQL Tool to validate all SQL used in objects
Code Generation Features
.NET Remoting App (New)
Generate ASP.NET and Windows Forms application (ASP.NET 2.0) (New)
Support .NET Nullable types (New)
Clean and simple design for the generated code
Generate Customize code templates or write new ones with a powerful Template IDE
Generate .NET components in C# and VB.NET
Generate web services and client proxies for .NET components
Generate components for COM+/MTS with transactions & object pooling
Generate stored procedures for SQL used in Objects
Generate Windows Forms remote client for web services
Generate design docs in HTML for objects
Generate DDL scripts for reverse mapping
Dataset and Typed Dataset support (read-only and updateable)
Object binding support
Support for lazy loading
Dual Class Interface support for COM+ clients
.NET 1.1 and 2.0 Framework support
Integration Support
Full integration with NCache for clustered object caching
100% Visual Studio .NET 2003/2005 integration
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 native support
Database Support
SQL Server 2000/2005 (thru OLEDB or native SQLClient)
Oracle 8i/9i/10g (thru OLEDB or native OracleClient)
DB2 7.x/8.1 (thru OLEDB)
Microsoft Access (thru OLEDB)
PostGreSQL (thru OLEDB or native PostGreSQLDirect from CoreLab)
Map for conversion the DBMS data types to .NET language types

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