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Client Death Detection

If a client is connected and it disconnects via a cache.dispose command, the server knows it is disconnected and frees the related resources. However, if it unexpectedly disconnects due to a crash or network glitch, the server does not know.

The Client Death Detection setting allows the server to monitor if a client is disconnected from all cache servers in a clustered cache. This process lets the server internally establish what clients are live and have data and which have been disconnected. The server then frees up resources as necessary to avoid wastage.


This feature can only be enabled via manually editing the config.ncconf file and is disabled by default.

Enable Client Death Detection

  • Open %NCHOME%\config\config.ncconf file.

  • Change the following section of the cache in question to True and change the grace-interval as necessary.

<cache-config ...>
    <cache-settings ...>
        <client-death-detection enable="False" grace-interval="60sec"/>

The default Grace Interval is 60 seconds and it can go up to 180 seconds (or 3 minutes).

  • Restart NCache service on each cache server.